I/ Introduction

*Production materials: 100% latex

*Production process:

II/ Specification

RSS 3 must be dry, clean, strong. Oxidized spots, weak, excessively heated, under cured, over- smoked, opaque and burnt sheets are not acceptable.

  Grade Rubber Mold Wrapping Mold Opaque Spots Over Smoked Spots Oxidized Spots Burnt Sheet
    RSS3 Slight Slight Slight   No No No

Dry mold no more than 10%, clean, dry, strong, small- scattered bubbles, specks of bark, free from blemishes, sand, foreign matter, under-cured ( Based on The Green Book, 1969)

III/ Application

RSS3 rubber sheets are used in the production of Tyres (tires) & Tubes, Extruded hoses, Footwear etc. Tyres industry is the biggest consumer of RSS3 rubber sheets.

IV/ Packing

– Loose bales:

+ 33.33 kg/ bale, 20 MTs/ 1 container 20ft (600 bales)

+ 35 kg / bale, 20.16 MTs/ 1 container 20ft (576 bales)

– Wooden pallet/ Shrinkwrapped:

+ 33.33 kg/ bale, 1.2 MTs/ 1 Pallet, 19.2 MTs/ 16 pallets/ 1 container 20ft

+ 35 kg/ bale, 1.26 MTs / 1 Pallet, 20.16 MTs/ 16 pallets/ 1 container 20ft